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Moving Violations

If you received a moving violation and are cited into the Tonopah Justice Court Township, you may qualify to attend traffic school to avoid having demerit points reported to the Department of Motor Vehicle. However, you do not quality if:

  • You are a CDL holder
  • Your citation involves an accident wherein you were cited for a moving violation.
  • Your citation was issued for not yielding right of way to a pedestrian.
  • Your citation was issued for a cell phone violation while driving (pursuant to NRS 484B.165).
  • You have attended traffic school within the last 12 months.
  • We receive your request for traffic school after your arraignment date has passed.

Request to Attend Traffic School

To request approval to attend traffic school, you can make your request with one of the following options: (please contact the Court promptly after receiving your citation to allow yourself time to take the course)

  • Pay the ticket in person on or before your arraignment date (if you do not wish to appear before the Judge).
  • Pay your citation by mail (Tonopah Justice Court, P.O. Box 1151, Tonopah, NV 89049), and include a written request to complete traffic school.
  • Pay your citation by phone (775.482.8155) and make your request with the clerk.
  • Send email request to

* When corresponding with the court, please provide your Name, Date of Birth, Citation Number, and Telephone number so that the court may assist you more efficiently.

All requests for traffic school must be made prior to your Court date indicated on the citation.

Be aware that requesting the traffic school option from the Court does not guarantee it will be granted. If you choose to attend traffic school without prior court approval and it is not accepted by the Court, the fee you paid to attend traffic school will not be refunded. For all persons that have been approved to attend traffic school for Tonopah Justice Court, upon proof of completion of traffic school submitted to the Court within the prescribed time period and upon payment of the original fine amount, your moving violation will be reduced by a maximum of 2 points or if it is less than 2 points, no demerit points will be reported to the DMV.

Per NRS 483.450(3), all traffic convictions must be reported to the DMV within 5 days. If you request traffic school after your conviction has been reported, your request will be denied by the Court and you will need to contact your state's DMV to request traffic school.

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